Monday, September 12, 2011

People commit crime for selfish reason.

          Nowadays, crimes are become serious as the rate of crime is increasing each day and this causing concern among the society.'Crime' is an immoral form of behaviour and prohibited by the law while 'selfish' is all about yourself and putting other people behind you. Sometimes selfishness can lead us to commit crime. It is strongly agreed that people commit crime for selfish reason due to several reason such as facing financial problem, influence by their friends and pressure of life.

          First and foremost, people commit crime because they are facing financial problem. Some of people commit crime are not very poor but they are unemployed, they do not have enough money to buy what they want so they use the easy way to get their needs. For example, they stealing, robbery or snatching. These people have their own target and woman are often the main target for them to commit crime.

          Next, people commit crime because they are influence by their friends. This situation usually happen to people that lack of parental guidance where there is no limitation in finding  friends. This may lead them mix with rascal people and they are exposed in commit crime like drugs, vandalism or gangsterism. Sometimes, people commit crime because they were challenged by friends, in order to get respect they will do anything to fulfill their desires instead of getting embarrass and mocked by their friends.

          Last but not least, some people commit crimes cause by the pressure of life. Humans are never satisfied with what they have and always want more, so in order to fulfill all the necessities of live they tend to commit crime like kidnapping or corruption.

          In conclusion, I restate my stand that people commit crime for their own benefits due to several reason such as facing financial problem, influence by friends and the pressure of live. It is time for us to take action to ends this problem altogether.