Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Academic Excellence guarantees a successful life"

      In today's world, excellence in academic is not a main factors for everyone to have a success life. There are many other aspect that ensure us a successful life, as long as a person are good in something and have effort on achieving it.

       Excellence academic are only can be achieve by the smart people but it does not mean that those who are unfortunate or not good in academic cannot have a successful life. Success are mostly determined by effort and motivation to change your life. For instant, the founders of Honda brand, Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew. He came from a poor family background and were not an educated person. However, he had enough effort and has a strong aim to change his life.

       In addition, nowadays, in order to get a job, people who are uneducated but have the skills or experiences have better opportunities than people who are educated but none of the experience. Moreover, those who have excellence academic but do not have a good personality or bad discipline, they are facing a difficulty to get a job.

       In conclusion, academic excellence is just a stepstone or a ticket for you to get into your career but the effort, attitude and self-management are the main factors that going to determine whether you can success or not.